Our 87 Goals

The 87 GOALS -From the People
As presented at the FOCUS Greater Syracuse Vision Fair

  1. Open schools weekends, nights, and holidays
  2. Provide equal , quality, education for all children
  3. Increase the number of school days
  4. Teach students to be good citizens
  5. Keep training teachers and make them accountable
  6. Combine city and county schools
  7. Increase technology in all classrooms
  8. Establish community scholarships
  9. Improve services for all children, ages 0-6
  10. Provide affordable, quality childcare
  11. Organize more programs for teens
  12. Foster independence and community involvement for older people
  13. Increase collaborations and mergers among human services
  14. Add diverse  and multilingual staff to human services
  15. Provide affordable, healthful, and safe housing
  16. Expand affordable, accessible, quality, HealthCare
  17. Establish a hospital for children
  18. Eliminate discrimination and racism
  19. Build local pride and positive attitude
  20. Include people with disabilities in all activities
  21. Increase support for volunteering
  22. Teach newcomers about the community
  23. Create one community calendar for all community events
  24. Encourage religious congregations to form partnerships on projects
  25. Make downtown economically vibrant and livable
  26. Restore the Erie Canal downtown for boating, ice skating, and local history
  27. Restore the Landmark Theater
  28. Improve downtown parking and make it affordable, add trees, flowers, & lighting
  29. Link downtown stores and museums with landscaped walkways or skybridges
  30. Develop and clean Onondaga Lake
  31. Create pocket parks and community gardens
  32. Build strong neighborhoods through participation by their residents
  33. Stop further development sprawl, preserve urban and rural green spaces
  34. Preserve older historical buildings
  35. Make villages, towns, & city more pedestrian friendly
  36. Improve public transportation linking all areas
  37. Improve airline service and fares
  38. Protect clean air and water
  39. Eliminate litter and graffiti
  40. Provide highly visible signs leading to community attractions
  41. Combine all tourism efforts
  42. Launch a national campaign to attract tourists
  43. Teach hospitality tips for dealing with newcomers
  44. Encourage Carousel shoppers to visit other attractions
  45. Centrally locate & promote downtown visitors center
  46. Enclose walkways around the convention center
  47. Build a hotel near ONCENTER
  48. Add more events year round
  49. Plant flowers and trees at all entrances to our community
  50. Build an aquarium
  51. Build a Native American Cultural Center
  52. Establish an African American & Underground Railroad Museum
  53. Promote local Arts and Crafts history
  54. Develop a high tech conference center
  55. Increase the number of higher paying jobs
  56. Add jobs to create population growth
  57. Create more apprentice and intern jobs
  58. Provide benefits for businesses which hire the hard to employ
  59. Encourage family-friendly workplaces
  60. Provide education programs that lead to jobs
  61. Facilitate welfare-to -work transition
  62. Combine all economic development agencies
  63. Reduce the cost of doing business
  64. Increase school/college-business partnerships
  65. Be the information technology hub of NYS
  66. Involve farmers in economic development
  67. Provide training opportunities for small business
  68. Buy local products and services
  69. Build bicycle paths, hiking trails, walkers paths, everywhere
  70. Improve facilities at public parks
  71. Build playgrounds for children with disabilities
  72. Provide children’s summer programs in parks
  73. Adapt abandoned buildings into  indoor recreation
  74. Build an environmental education center & botanical garden at Burnet Park Zoo
  75. Increase collaboration of arts, dance, theater, music organizations
  76. Plan a community wide family event on New Year’s Eve
  77. Bring national sports events here
  78. Modernize city and county government
  79. Improve customer service in Government offices
  80. Increase citizen involvement in Government
  81. Create new sources of Government income besides taxes
  82. Improve sewers, bridges, and roadways
  83. Enforce housing codes
  84. Enforce noise codes and public decency laws
  85. Improve relations between people and police
  86. Merge city, county and village, police departments
  87. Increase community policing