Our 6 Visions for Central New York

A Vision for

“Surroundings that lift the spirit.”

A community where everyone has access to the built and natural beauty that preserves our heritage and inspires our souls, and where getting from place to place is convenient and affordable.

Outcome goals:

  • The rich natural gifts of our region will be protected and enjoyed.
  • Our central city will be prosperous and its downtown our cultural heart…
  • Our villages, streets and neighborhoods will have attractive character and distinction.
  • People will travel with ease for work or recreation, whether they use public or personal transportation.


A Vision for

“The heart of New York beats.”

A community where every guest feels welcomed and delighted that they came, for a day or a degree, for shopping or business, for fellowship or fun.

Outcome goals:

  • We will be a four seasons destination for conventions, conferences, sporting events, and family tourists.
  • We will be a visitor-friendly community.
  • We will speak with pride about where we live, to each other and to strangers.


A Vision for

“Jobs that build dreams.”

A community with a growing economy, providing jobs that sustain comfortable lives, where people feel confident they can build a future.

Outcome goals:

  • Our community will have sustainable, strong economic growth.
  • Our young people will choose to settle here to build their futures.
  • Our work force will have the education and training to make our region competitive in the global marketplace.
  • Our people will have the economic means to maintain a reasonable standard of living.
  • Our workplaces will be family friendly.


A Vision for

“Never a dull day.”

A community full of music, stimulation for the mind, and an abundance of ways to enjoy nature and have fun all year round.

Outcome goals:

  • Arts and cultural organizations of all varieties will be thriving, key contributors to our high quality of life.
  • Our numerous parks will be beautiful and lovingly used.
  • We will have many ways to enjoy nature and healthy recreation in all seasons.
  • Our choices for entertainment, recreation and stimulation will be a source of great community pride.


A Vision for

“Good citizens make good government.”

A community where all units and levels of government collaborate to use the people’s resources wisely, where everyone feels safe, and where good citizenship is part of everyday behavior.

Outcome goals:

  • We will have fewer government entities, managed more efficiently and providing excellent services.
  • People will feel safe in their homes and wherever they go in our community.
  • We will be informed, engaged citizens who take citizenship responsibilities very seriously.
  • We will have people driven government.


A Vision for

“Caring minds work together.”

A community of neighbors respecting and caring for one another, where diversity is valued, the vulnerable are supported, children thrive, and learning lasts a lifetime.

Outcome goals:

  • Our people will be healthy and always learning.
  • All groups within our diverse human family will share in our community’s success.
  • Those who cannot provide for themselves will receive the help they need.
  • Our actions will show we share strong values about individual and corporate responsibility, giving, and volunteering.